Natan Moss


Artful and unique, these ceramics embody a sense of nature with a bit of mid century modern vibes, our favorite coffee cup comes from his Marfa collection (pictured above).

Los Angeles, CA

Instagram @natanmoss


Comfy, sustainable blankets and throws, knit in the USA using recycled fabrics (made from refiberized tee shirts and post-consumer plastic bottles) and organic cotton

Yonkers, NY

Chelsea Miller Knives

The metal from these knives comes from old horseshoe rasps, Chelsea grinds away almost all of the old files creating gorgeous multipurpose blades, a part of the original file is left to assist in grating things like hard cheeses, garlic and nutmeg, the knife handles are fabricated from wood including Maple and Apple that was harvested from the designers childhood farm

Brooklyn, NY

Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods makes a full line of leather goods (bags, belts, wallets, accessories, etc.) and home wares, as well as select garments. The company is known for collaborating with other local brands including Danner boots. Additionally their online + brick and mortar stores carry a selection of other American made brands like Mazama and Rancourt & co. Pet supplies also available, quality leather collars and leads.

Portland, OR

Instagram @tannergoods


Shinola creates everything from jewelry, watches, belts and wallets, to bicycles and audio supplies. All their products are beautifully crafted, with a focus on bringing jobs back to the USA. Some of their components are imported when necessary, but some are made in house or sourced from other American manufacturers. Shinola even has a boutique hotel in Detroit’s historic Woodward shopping district.

Detroit, MI

Instagram @shinola 

Alice Tacheny

Home accessories and furniture made using a mix of mediums including, wood, leather, metal and cement. The pieces have clean structural lines but still embody a very natural feel.

Bay Area, CA